For a man who claims to be born in Hawaii in 1961, and raised in Indonesia through 1970, “Barack Obama” seems awfully fond of 1950’s/60’s music sensation, Dion DiMucci.

It’s true, people discover oldies all the time.

But take a look at “Obama”. Does he seem like the 50’s music type?  50’s ‘white’ music?

Eye On Obama has been scrutinizing “O’s” Power-Stake in Dion since early November 2011. Fascinating interconnections have come to light. Such as: Dion’s Bronx roots – the ‘hometown’ scene of “O’s” “Uncle Fred” and “O’s” mother.

And Dion’s friendship with songwriter/singer Sam Cooke – as in Sam Cooke / Malcolm X.  Malcolm, of course, being “O’s” biological father.

Keep in mind that Dion, born in 1939, is quite close in age to “O’s” mother. [Much more on this in another post.]

Now that you’ve got the overall picture, think about it. If none of this mattered, why “O’s” ‘interest’ in Dion?

Here’s why: In the late 1950’s, right at the time “O’s” glowing-eyed teenage mother was chasing Malcolm X around NYC, Dion and The Belmonts had become a hometown smash. “I Wonder Why”[1958], “Teenager In Love” [1959] and “Where Or When” [1959] resounded from every jukebox and radio station in America.

Before Dion And The Belmonts got famous, where did they hang out to learn from the masters? The Apollo Theater. Yes, The Apollo.

Malcolm X’s Apollo Theater!

[In case you didn’t know, Malcolm loved music. And dancing!]

Now if Malcolm hung out at The Apollo Theater, guess who was often there, alongside him?

“O’s” mother.

See why “O” loves The Apollo? The place teems with memories of his lovebird parents!

Just like when, at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, he glowed when relaying his parents’ ‘improbable love’, here is “O”, glowing again, at The Apollo Theater, 20 January 2012:

Now. Fast-backward a bit from January 2012, when Obama performed Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together”, to 29 October 2011. To an event that may not have attracted much notice, as events go; but just may be key evidence that Terrible Truth has been on to something BIG about “Obama” – his real roots.

And he darn well knows it.

I call your attention to the 2011 National Italian American Foundation Gala Awards Dinner.

Interestingly, “O” declined to  attend this Gala in 2010. Then, merely three days ahead of the 2011 event, his appearance was announced.

Just one month after Terrible Truth debuted, placing his mother at the wake/funeral of Malcolm X,  there “O” is, with Dion, at the 2011 National Italian American Foundation [NAIF] Gala Awards, at which “Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Dion DiMucci, [is the] recipient of the NIAF Special Achievement Award in Entertainment”.

Dion, right behind “O”, 29 Oct 2011, in shaded eyeglasses and cap:

As you get to truly know “O”, you will comprehend that with him, there are no coincidences. Or time, or energy, wasted. Every association, every action is chillingly strategic.

Which can only lead Eye On Obama to ask:

About “O’s” paternity, does Dion know?

Or, does he know, but not know he knows?

No doubt you’ve heard that “Obama” ascribes to the Mafia mentality “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” From my experience, I venture to say “O” goes one step further:

“O” keeps his potential enemies closer. Just in case.

Just in case.

Dion DiMucci, interviewing with Doug Keck about his book, The Wanderer Talks Truth:

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